Or why the author of "A Really Bad Joke" and "The World that Never Was" is no more and no less crazy than he is.
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On “fake geek girs”

An elaboration on why some people act hostile towards girls they consider “fake geeks”. Please note this is by no means a justification of hostile behaviour, but a look at where it comes from.

Not so long ago being a geek/nerd was definetly “not cool” in the general conciousness. Popular and attracitve people weren’t nerds, they were popular and attractive. Geeky cirles were oases of inclusivity - they’d welcome any and all, requiring only that they enjoy stuff. In turn, it was quite likely to get beaten up and laughed at for being excited about comics or video games.
Then, not so long ago, a pecular thing happened.
“Geek culture” hit the mainstream. Comic book movies started coming out en masse, marketed to the casual action movie goer, along with more and more games targeted at “cool people”. The line between geeks and non-geeks started to blur. Suddenly, things considered uncool and worthless before, became hip and popular.
And some attractive girls wanted to bank on this (I imagine some guys too, but they weren’t as noticeable) - they’d take pictures of themselves with gaming gear or comment on how they love CoD, fill their shelves with spider-man just for show, or do something like this. And, while this is me stating that “fake geek girls” acually exist, I need to point out that they are HARMLESS and deserve no hosility. Some people just want positive attention, and there’s nothng wrong with that.
But the thing is, some people whose memories were still fresh with abuse FOR being nerds saw this as som kind of jab at them - attractive people were apparently clamoring for their attntion, but they were dishonest about it, claiming to know and like things that they relly didn’t.
And those nerds sought retribution against what they saw a adding insult to injury, and engaged in ridicule and verbal abuse.
This is borderline paranoia, but as someone who suffered his own share of abuse in childhood for no reason beyond being different, I can sympathise.
Still, as I said in the beginning, this by no means justifies this kind of behaviour, because it just makes those geeks that participate in it act like the people who originally abused them.
I may make an entry about how this isn’t exactly a 21st century thing, but not today.

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